keiko san

1&2 June 2019 Open Class  , 2X 1st Place 2X Excellent , 2X C.A.C. 2X C.A.C.I.B , 2X BEST OF BREED and 3rd Place Group 5

11&12/5/2019  2X 1st Place , 2X Excellent , 2X Best Of Breed , 2X 2nd Place Group 5

I.D.S. LAMIA 19&20 January 2019 , JUNIOR CLASS 2X Excellent 2X 1st place , 2X C.A.C. JUNIOR , 2X Best Of Breed Junior and 2X Best Of Breed , 1X 2nd Place Group 5,    1X 3rd Place Group 5

I.D.S. Slovenia 16/2/2019 Junior Class 1st Place Excellent , C.A.C. JUNIOR- BEST OF BREED JUNIOR And BEST OF BREED , 17/2/2019 2nd Place Excellent , JUNIOR CHAMPION Slovenia 

I.D.S. CROATIA Intermediate Class, 23/2/2019 1st Place Excellent C.A.C. , 24/2/2019 1st Place Excellent C.A.C.-  C.A.C.I.B BEST OF BREED, JUNIOR CHAMPION CROATIA